Call us for re-roof service in Duluth, MN

When Mother Nature and Father Time take their toll on your property, you may need to replace your old roof with a brand-new one. Fortunately, the job can be simple and easy with the right crew to handle it all. Denon Perrin's Roofing, Inc. is that crew.

Our technicians will talk to you about your roof replacement needs, and we'll set up a schedule and budget to re-roof your property. We are a GAP-certified roofer of asphalt shingles, and we also offer metal and rubber roofing solutions.

For residential and commercial roofing projects in Duluth, MN, bring the job to Denon Perrin's Roofing, Inc.

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What you can expect when you hire us

With so many roof replacement experts in Duluth, MN, it can be tough to decide who to hire for the job. When you choose Denon Perrin's Roofing for your re-roof project, you get:

  • Expertise - We'll keep you in the loop through the repair process.
  • Fast service - We'll get the job done quickly and efficiently.
  • Reliability - We guarantee your home is protected and beautiful.
Talk to our team now to start on your roof replacement. You'll be glad you went with the experts.